GCS is an engineering enterprise working on product development including thermal design. Through our product iteration team we look to help reduce cost by value and cost engineering products through to innovation in product re-engineering, process management, and new technology introduction. This expertise helps to commercialise prototypes or proof-of-concept to mass production.

GCS understands the pressures of doing business in a global market and the process of coordinating and moving products and materials across time zones, cultures and languages – all while managing tight delivery deadlines and optimizing supply chain performance.

At GCS, we combine manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management processes, allowing for the design, assembly and distribution of your products to be completed more quickly, at a lower cost and at high quality standards.

The successful ability to deliver goods and information can help strengthen your company’s financial performance and market share. To speed delivery and improve operating metrics, companies rely on GCS global sourcing in order to move products across borders just as easily as moving product down the street.

Contact us if you are in search to supplement your supply chain for a particular product. We can help even if you don't know the exact part number you need. Our extensive expertise in industry solutions as well as our knowledge of technology commodity markets gives us the ability to advise our clients on particular manufacturers and even part numbers of products that will meet your needs.

Global procurement and supply services.

Active agent for Far-Eastern suppliers.

Value engineering products.

R&D services specifically thermal and mechanical design.

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